Monday, August 9, 2010

My thoughts, someone else’s words…

Have you ever heard your thoughts come out of someone else’s mouth?  Or blog, etc?  I came across this quote on twitter today:
Sex is so basic to our humanity, and sexuality is an arena, like dreaming, that connects us to the parts of ourselves we don’t always fully understand or have words for. This is what makes sexuality fascinating and endlessly variable and certainly worth performing.


"Sexuality…like dreaming…connects us to parts of ourselves we don't…have words for." -@ /via @
Sex and sexuality are core parts of every human being.  Possibly every animal, but I can’t be sure on that part.  Our society is obsessed with sex but afraid and ashamed of it all at the same time.  We spend our lives in a tug of war of wanting to fully express our sexuality and being afraid of the repercussions of doing so.
More than one ancient religion venerated sexuality as a path to divinity.  It is only after the advent of some of the modern religions that we see such a widespread suppression of sexuality as being evil.  There’s a reason for this.  Control and the power that comes from such control.  But if we can break free of that control and allow ourselves to dream and feel again, then perhaps we can bring the divinity back to our sexuality.  Perhaps we can reconnect our dream selves with our waking selves and be whole again.
I find hope in the fact that so many people seem to be crying out for that kind of connection.  Perhaps we are starting to understand as a society that we must be connected to every part of ourselves, including (in my opinion, especially) our sexuality.
Here’s to first steps!