Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: Rough Sex 3

This is another amazing set of fantasies directed by Tristan Taormino and this time, they’ve been dreamed up entirely  by Adrianna Nicole!  Hearing her talk about the difference between just performing and having these be her own fantasies written large across the screen is pretty cool, too.  The intensity that she brings to every scene she does makes it easy to assume that she isn’t at all nervous about the outcome of any given scene.
The bonus scenes are a happy surprise!  The interview between Manuel and Adrianna is very interesting and has lots of good info about anal and the scene itself has step by step tips for newbies to anal, which is a nice addition.  This is like the most intense instructional video ever!  The scene with James is all about female orgasm and the different types of orgasm a woman can have.  I’m a sucker for a guy who loves to make sure his partner is happy.  They’re so much more interesting than the guys who are only into getting themselves off.  James is as into making sure Adrianna gets off as she is in getting him off.  This makes for some hot, hot play!  The scene with Mark is narrated by Midori and is all about bondage.  Since it’s Midori calling the shots, it’s full of good tips and tricks to make your bedroom bondage turn out right.  She’s got great tips on the things that go along with the bondage, like making sure your partner is into being slapped before you start doing it, cause nothing can kill the good mood faster than causing pain when you meant to titillate.  They managed a lot of different positions and a lot of different configurations without needing a lot of intense equipment, which is nice to see.  Not many people can keep a dungeon under their house…
As for the different scenes themselves, they are one hot moment after another!
The first scene a fantasy between Adrianna and Jiz Lee and is filled with an intensity that could have lit up LA.  It’s the first time they worked together, but if they hadn’t said so I would never have known.  They look like two lovers who’ve been together for a long time.  Jiz packs a wonderful toy that looks very natural, both in the color of it and how it was wielded.  I wish I had Jiz’s cock confidence while strapping.  The way the two of them use toys proves that sex toys aren’t just for solo play.  Going from the beautifully white, over blown sumptuous couch and Jizz, Adrianna takes on a john who wants things he can’t get at home.  This scene is like watching all the scenes from Pretty Woman they couldn’t film!  He’s a very hot Top.  And she’s really flexible.  This is a good combination.  I would love to have that shower to have sex in! And I’ve got to say that the word for Ramon, our happy john, is STAMINA!  He obviously can’t get enough of Adrianna and she feels the same about him, which makes the shower scene even hotter!!  One of the things I really like about Tristan’s Rough Sex series is that she makes sure that everyone is into what the scene demands and Ramon is right in line with that philosophy.
In the interview before their scene, Jada has some things to say about what should and shouldn’t be said to a woman during a scene.  I’m not big on humiliation play, so that’s nice to hear.  I have to admit that I’ve never understood boot worship before watching this scene, but that was HOT!  Jada is fierce and gorgeous.  She loves dominating people and does it in the sexiest way possible.  Adrianna is a very enthusiastic sub and the chemistry between them is electrifying.  I did find myself wondering, how does she not kill herself in those boots?  Gorgeous harness with another dildo skin tone match dials the scene up to yet another level.  This is another person that someone interested in strapping can learn a lot from.  She wields that thing like she was born with a cock and Adrianna takes it in every position and begs for more!  I really liked hearing Adrianna talk about the scene afterwards and seeing the outtake of Jada getting a taste of the Hitachi.  You can get an idea that porn stars have done everything and it’s all boring to them now, but that was a look at something really different.
The locker room scene is the kind of fantasy that I’ve had more than once, the gang bang scenario.  Adrianna took that fantasy and made it absolutely hot as hell and you can tell the girl loves her work!  It wasn’t quite a straight gang bang so much as a continuous bout of one partner after another, with a tag team thrown in for some extra fun!  The positions they went through everything they did made it one long fuckathon!  And going from a one on one to the shower tag team…yummy!  And then comes Evan!  He and Adrianna have amazing chemistry.  And he’s a man of stamina!  It makes him a really good match for Adrianna, since that girl seems to be the energizer bunny of sex.  I thought I loved sex, but she makes me look like I can barely stand to have sex at all.  If I were her and had just gotten nailed by those 4 guys like that, I’d have had to stay on set for a while too.  The scene outtakes are great!
This is another fantasy setup that’s not dissimilar to ones I’ve had, so seeing it on film with someone as enthusiastic as Adrianna in the starring role leaves me breathless with anticipation.  The voice over to set the scene is a nice touch.  Adds to the whole noire feeling of it all, though the mention of golden showers doesn’t work for me as much.  This is the kind of scene that I find both intensely attractive and repellant.  The degradation is a bit hard for me to watch, but the action is so goddamn hot!  I like the idea of getting fucked by a stranger, but I’m not so sure about the reality.  I’m never a fan of the spitting, though the being used is something I find compelling…  The scene after the stranger is gone is intense, just Adrianna and Prince Yahshua.  It’s the kind of thing that I’d expect after opening your relationship up, however briefly, to another person.  Adrianna’s post scene interview is really interesting.  Taking a fantasy and making it a reality is a hard thing to do, whether it’s a porn shoot or a role playing game scenario (yes, I’m a gamer geek and proud of it! ;-) ).  Things get so built up in our minds as to how they should be that when the time comes to act them out, how can anyone be anything other than anxious?  It’s also really good to hear her talk about condoms, if she were to pick up a random stranger…
This is yet another fantastic series of fantasies, one right after another that keep coming like Adrianna until you go into sensuality overload.  The imagery and the chemistry are so intense that it took me more than one sitting to get through everything.  There is just so much beauty in the raunchiness of it.  There are a number of moments that made me think and many that made me so hot I thought my skin would burst.  I’m looking at the photo gallery as I finish this review and my mouth keeps going dry as the images sear themselves in my brain.  Jada, Jiz, Adrianna, Evan, Ramon.  Each of them so hot on their own and then when they get mixed up with one another…, well let’s just say it’s a good thing my hubby will be home soon! ;-)