Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Conservatives vs Planned Parenthood

Here's something that's all over our politics today: Planned Parenthood is evil.  It encourages teens to have sex and makes it impossible for them to be good, God-fearing people.  This shit just plain pisses me off.  Planned Parenthood isn't evil, it isn't encouraging kids to have sex.  Planned Parenthood has one main mission, encompassed by the name of the organization itself: PLANNED Parenthood.

This is an organization dedicated to making sure every child is wanted.  This is an organization that wants to make sure that people who are sexually active, at whatever age, have access to the sexual health care they need.  Sometimes this means they administer abortions to people who have come to the decision that it is right for them.  Planned Parenthood tries to be there for people long before things get to that point.  They don't want to do abortions.  They want every pregnancy to be planned, for every child to have parents who love them and are ready for them.  They want to make sure every person is making their own decisions when it comes to reproductive and sexual health.  They want kids to be comfortable in their own bodies, so they can grow into confident, healthy adults that can ask for the things they need in relationships, both emotional and sexual.

This isn't the Nazi party in 1930s Germany.  This isn't the Communist regime in Russia.  This is a group of people who work long hours to educate everyone on how the human body works.  This is a group of people who won't let you walk out the door without a bag full of condoms, because they want you to have them so that YOU can make the choice about the sex you're having.  This is a group of people that loves what they do and they are constantly being ridiculed for trying to help this country and this world become a better place.

This is the article that fueled today's rant: Republican plan for Planned Parenthood and it got my goat but good.  The conservative jackasses that say that the thing making their teenage daughters and sons go off and have sex is Planned Parenthood have so obviously forgotten everything it means to be 16 and horny.  I'm so grateful that mom hadn't forgotten what that was like.  I'm forever thankful that she knew that my brain wasn't always working that my hormones would almost certainly get the better of me.  She took me to my doctor and got me put on birth control.  Shortly thereafter, she gave me the responsibility for getting myself to Planned Parenthood so that I could understand that my sexuality was my own.  That is one lesson I never forgot.  It was hammered home when I had a pregnancy scare while still pretty young.  I wasn't ready for the birth control pill, so I went back on Depo-Provera.  If my mom hadn't been the type to remember what it's like to be a teenager, who knows if I would have actually ended up pregnant at way too young an age.

These people who keep trying to push their narrow beliefs into the place that science and common sense should hold just make me sick.  They have forgotten what it's like to be a teen.  They have forgotten that their beliefs aren't everyone's beliefs.  And they've forgotten that in trying to impose their religion on everyone else in this country, they are violating one of it's most basic precepts.  All of this just sickens me.  Add to it the number of them who say they love life ant that every life should be allowed to exist and are oh, so anti-abortion, and yet they are pro-death penalty, pro-war and are willing to say that when a doctor who performs abortions is killed that he obviously deserved it.

I don't have any answers to the problems presented by these people.  I wish I did.  At the end of the day, I'm left weary and sickened by their hypocrisy.  I'm also open to suggestions on how to make things better than they are right now.  I've been a patient of Planned Parenthood since I was 16 or 17.  My file at the local clinic was getting very thick before they switched to electronic records.  I can't stand the thought of loosing this amazing resource.  They truly just want to help, so why don't we let them?