Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spell Bound Review

Waking the Witch saw Savannah heading out on her own as a detective for the first time.  She became emotionally attached to one of the people she met during the case she was working, a little girl named Kayla. The last thing Savannah does in the book is think that she'd happily give up her powers to help Kayla, crashing asleep and waking up to find that her powers were indeed gone.

Spell Bound picks up with the thoughts of one watching Savannah.  Someone who can do just what she "wished" in that moment.  All we get to know about him is that he has some agenda and Savannah is at the heart of it.

As much as Savannah grew in the last book, I'd say this is her real coming of age story.  She has always been the most powerful witch on the block, and she knew that all too well.  Her contempt for humans and for other witches less powerful than her was always in her thoughts.  She never tried to learn how to do things the normal way, because she knew she had her powers to keep her safe or open a lock.  Now, she's a powerless witch who's being hunted by several people who may or may not have anything to do with one another.  And she's afraid of telling people what's happened to her.

The first part of the book has major league denial written all over it, with an unhealthy dose of desperation.  Savannah goes to a lot of lengths to keep from meeting up with Paige and Lucas, because she doesn't want to admit how scared she is.  She drags Adam all over the place, pushing and pushing to keep him doing what she wants and just generally abusing his friendship.  I'm really glad he finally reaches his breaking point, because I think it's the shock she needs to realize what an ass she's being.  Even after he leaves her on her own it still takes a while for her to figure out what she wants to change about herself and how to do it in a way that's real for her.

The mystery in this book, besides figuring out what's happened to Savannah's magic, is trying to figure out the truth behind a group of supernaturals that wants all the races to go public with their existence.  And they'll do just about anything to convince Savannah to join them.

Overall, I enjoyed this book.  There's a definite feeling of things coming to a head and when you get to the last page it's almost a surprise that you're done with it.  The connection going between Waking the Witch, Spell Bound and Thirteen is a lot more obvious then through most of the series.  I'm looking forward to reading the last book, but also sad knowing that the final chapter is almost upon me.

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  1. Great review hun!!!! *hugs* thank you so much for being so awesome and always taking part in the challenge! I'm really sad for the series coming to an end, and I'm pretty sure I'll be all emotional with my final review.

    Tomorrow there will be a few very important announcements! Make sure to check it out :)