Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Perils of Sensitive Skin

My whole life I've had amazingly sensitive skin.  Sometimes this is a blessing, because each touch can feel like something so much more.  Sometimes this is a curse, because I can't wear polyester or rough woven cloth of any kind.  Wool is not my friend.  My skin gets irritated very easily and I scar like there's no tomorrow.  I also have to be careful about the soaps I use and the lotions I choose.  Between my skin sensitivity and my allergies, I can be in very dire straits if I'm not careful.  When I was very young I learned to not use regular soap because of the bizarre ring that formed on my cheek after washing my face.

I started a new job almost two weeks ago and discovered after the first two shifts that the shirts were abrading my torso.  So I started wearing a tank under my work shirt and my torso didn't get any worse.  It took some getting used to, since I don't layer at all well.  I'm the girl who wears a winter jacket with a t-shirt underneath.  At the end of this last week, I noticed the back of my right hand was itching.  I didn't really think much about it, just scratched it and continued on.  On Friday, I noticed the back of my hand was covered in bumps.  Near as I can tell, I've got contact dermatitis from vinyl gloves I have to wear at work.  Almost no one is allergic to vinyl gloves, that's why they use them.  I'm one of the "lucky" few I guess.

When I went in for my shift today, I reported what happened and filled out all the fun paperwork, since it was work related, and was told that I was to go home, my shift was covered today and tomorrow and I wasn't to return to work until I was ok'd to use their gloves.  I had actually brought nitrile gloves from home so I could work today, but I guess that's not acceptable.  We'll see what urgent care has to say on the matter in the morning. :-/

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