Monday, April 30, 2012

Stolen Book Review

Kelley Armstrong's second Women of the Otherworld book finds Elena in the clutches of a crazy billionaire and a team of scientists trying to understand what makes her tick.  It also introduces her to the wider world of supernaturals she never knew existed.

I just don't get how a werewolf could be skeptical of the existence of vampires or witches.  It baffles me every time I read this book, and it's the fact that the character herself comments on her incredulity saves that part of the book for me. 

For me this book is more about what makes a monster than anything else.  Is it turning furry on occasion and having a huge appetite?  Or maybe needing to drink the blood of others.  What about if your father was a demon?  Would that make you a monster?  Or is it the fact that you place your own entertainment above the lives of others?  That you will hunt thinking beings and shoot them in cold blood?  That sounds a lot more monstrous to me than any of the others.  Well, except maybe the drinking the blood of others, depending on whether or not they die in the process...

The scientists have a mixed bag of motives and I can't completely disagree with their goals.  I don't like the way they went about answering the questions they had about the beings they captured.  Predictably those that were captured also didn't appreciate the methods and eventually let everyone know in the most obvious ways possible.

Overall, I enjoyed Stolen more than Bitten, since the relationship issues of Bitten have been worked out and partly resolved.  The people we get introduced to, at least the ones who aren't kidnappers, are very interesting and  I look forward to getting to know them in the novels to come.

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  1. Great review! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge! Can't wait for your next review!