Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rape and the GOP

I just posted this on Facebook and thought I'd share it here, too.  "I have no indignation left.  No surprise.  It's all been drained from me as the blows keep coming.  There is no violation of another person's body that is ok!  If there is no consent, then it is rape.  And I'm not talking about rape play or other consensual non-consent kinks.  Those are a completely different animal.  I'm talking about date rape, stranger rape, she's-my-wife-and-therefore-owes-me-sex-when-I-want-it rape.  I'm talking about removing someone's sense of self so you can have power over them, rape.  None of these are ever ok.

The so called Christian leaders who espouse these vile positions are performing a different kind of rape: the rape of our rights.  They are violating every single person in this country, be they female, male, genderqueer, trans, or cis.  They are violating our individual choices and they are ignoring our boundaries.  It is time for all of us to stand up and tell them NO!  If they believe that it is only rape if the victim shouts, then this is me shouting, because I am tired of being their victim.  Are you?"

It's in response to this infographic.  I might be out of surprise, but I don't seem to be out of anger.

I am human.  I am female.  I am an American.  It is my right to determine my own life.  It is my right to choose when or if I have children.  IF I am raped, and I get pregnant from it, it is my right to choose to end that pregnancy.  As an American, it is my right as guaranteed by the First Amendment to not have a state religion forced on me, and make no mistake, that is what these GOP politicians are trying to do, some of them more openly than others.

I truly do not understand how any woman can vote for the GOP as it stands today and look herself in the mirror.  I just don't.  A vote for Romney is a vote for misogyny and homophobia.

ETA: I tagged this "sex" and then realized that I had unconsciously played into the rape culture.  It has no been retagged "rape", as it should be.

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